DAZO® Fluorescent Marking Gel

Ecolab’s patented DAZO® Fluorescent Marking Gel works with UV Flashlights to provide quick, objective measurement of cleaning thoroughness. 

Product Details

  • Apply clear marker to high-touch surfaces and assess with a black light after cleaning
  • Provides objective feedback on high-touch surface cleaning
  • Simple, effective training tool provides immediate feedback to cleaning staff
  • One applicator per room eliminates risk of cross-contamination
  • Most widely studied objective monitoring method for improving cleaning outcomes

*DAZO® is a registered trademark of Kleancheck Systems LLC and is licensed exclusively to Ecolab for use in healthcare and institutional facilities.

Ask your Ecolab Account Executive for more information about ordering DAZO applicators and black lights.

Solution Information

Operating Room Dashboard | Ecolab

Healthcare Industry

Learn more about DAZO® healthcare applications for patient room and operating room turnovers.