Ethanol Corrosion Inhibitor

Nalco Water 3D TRASAR™ Technology is now available in a pHe Buffering Corrosion Inhibitor... EC5624A gives ethanol producers unprecedented power to manage fuel ethanol quality... and control costs. An ethanol corrosion inhibitor is a vital tool for fuel marketers. Proper dosage prevents corrosion and protects fuel system components. Ethanol corrosion inhibitor dosage has long been difficult to control because there has not been an effective way to measure inhibitor content.

Product Details

Fuel Ethanol benefits from long term pHe buffering… and EC5624A PLUS delivers it

  • Fuel ethanol can be quite corrosive to fuel pumps and injectors if the pHe is too low
  • Fuel ethanol can damage important seals and o-rings if pHe is too high
  • Without proper pHe buffering, the pHe will drift over time
  • Fuel ethanol can often spend weeks in transport via rail, barge, or ship, and spend weeks more in terminal fueling stations and idle cars, so long-term pHe buffering is vital
  • Only EC5624A PLUS makes it fast and easy for ethanol producers to add exactly the right amount every time
  • Fuel marketers that choose ethanol treated with EC5624A PLUS know they can make ethanol blends that won’t contribute to corrosion or elastomer damage.

Nalco Water makes it easy to get it “just right,” helping ethanol producers make better fuel

EC5624A provides corrosion inhibition and pHe buffering to neutralize acids and alkalinity that can be present in fuel ethanol. However, the amount of corrosion inhibition and pHe buffering required can vary from plant to plant and day to day:

  • Some plant designs may produce ethanol that requires more or less inhibitor
  • Variance in day-to-day plant operations can affect the need for more or less inhibitor
  • E10, E12 and E15 blends may require more or less inhibitor than E85
  • Most producers strive to follow the treat rate approved by the RFA for various corrosion inhibitors. Nalco’s recommended treat rate will be listed there.

Simple measurement

Measurement of EC5624A PLUS concentration is quickly and easily accomplished using the Nalco handheld fluorometer. The proprietary flourescing molecules contained in the corrosion inhibitor are instantly and accurately determined. 

Using the EC5624A PLUS chemistry and measurement systems, all ethanol producers now have the power to easily manage cost and quality. No wasteful overdosing. No returned loads due to under dosing.

  • Treat rate measurements are made in seconds
  • No sample pre-treatment or reagents are required
  • Calibration takes less than 1 minute
  • The required sample size is only 4 mls
  • Accurate to +/- 2 PPM
  • Treat rate data can easily be added to the certificate of analysis.