Small flies and large flies are two distinct pests with two different solutions

Commercial Fly Elimination

Uncommon expertise for a common pest.

They’re a familiar pest, but no restaurant should tolerate flies. Ecolab provides comprehensive expertise, guidance and targeted solutions for fly prevention and fly elimination—specifically targeted for both large (“house”) flies and small (“fruit”) flies.

Tip sheet for fly prevention, fly elimination, and the difference between small and large flies

Ecolab Tipsheet: Know the Difference Between Large & Small Flies

If you think, “a fly is a fly,” you might be putting your restaurant at risk. There are two distinct types of flies—each requires a unique approach to fly prevention and fly elimination.

Fly Videos

Can Fruit Flies Transfer Pathogens?

First-of-its-kind Ecolab research shows that small (“fruit”) flies can transfer dangerous pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella—just like their large fly counterparts—directly contributing to foodborne illness.

Why You Don't Want a Fly as a Friend

Ecolab Pest Elimination expert, Dr. John Barcay, shows typical large fly behaviors in a way you have never seen before.  Learn how large flies can jeopardize food safety and how Ecolab’s multifaceted, science-based program proactively addresses large fly activity at your business to help protect your food, your guests’ experience, and your brand reputation.

Small Changes That Make a Big Impact

Infographic providing 7 ways to prevent small fly infestation

Meet the Small Fly: 7 Simple Tips for Proactive Prevention

Get to know the unique biology and risks of small (“fruit”) flies, and learn how simple changes can significantly reduce small fly issues.

Infographic providing 8 ways to prevent large fly infestation

Meet the Large Fly: 8 Ways to Keep Flies Out

Learn why large (“house”) flies are one of the dirtiest pests around—and get quick-win strategies for preventing large fly issues.

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Commercial Large Fly Elimination

Explore Ecolab insights, resources and solutions for large fly prevention and large fly elimination.

Commercial Small Fly Elimination

Explore Ecolab insights, resources and solutions for small fly prevention and small fly elimination.

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