Quik-Care Foam Hand Sanitizer Non-aerosol Nexa Classic Bottle

Quik-Care™ Foam Hand Sanitizer

62% ethyl alcohol dye-free and fragrance-free formula to help reduce risk of irritation. Quik-Care Foam Hand Sanitizer is ideal for situations when there is simply no time or place to wash with soap and water by providing fast, proven antimicrobial efficacy against a wide range of microorganisms.


Product Details

  • Non-Aerosol formula
  • Dye-free, fragrance-free formula reduces risk of irritation and allergic reactions
    • 62% ethyl alcohol provides fast, antimicrobial efficacy against a wide range of microorganisms
    Product Size Part Number Dispenser Type
    72-1.5 oz   6032100 N/A 
    12-500 mL   6032105  Wire Rack 
    8-1000 mL  6081395  Next Generation
    6-750 mL  6000073  Nexa Compact 
    4-1200 mL  6000094  Nexa Classic
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    Nexa™ Hand Hygiene Dispensers

    The flexible options help improve efficiency, the large bottle size extends interval between change-outs while the small bottle fits in the Classic dispenser. It evacuates product more fully, compared to a leading competitive dispensing system, especially for gels and lotions.