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Industrial Water Treatment System Mobile and Rental

Get the water you need when you need it with Nalco Water’s industrial water treatment system rentals.

Our rental and mobile water treatment systems ensure that your water supply is uninterrupted and unaffected. They can be used during short-term water shortages, to meet peak demand, while a water treatment system is shut down for repairs or while waiting for a new system to be delivered.

Rental systems are installed on site; mobile systems are in a trailer or container. Both systems are modular and cover a broad range of options, including industrial reverse osmosis systems and DI water equipment rental.

All water treatment system rentals come with Nalco Water’s unmatched service and technical expertise.

Mobile Water Treatment Systems

Mobile water treatment systems are large-scale, flexible operations that come in a trailer or container and don’t require floor space inside your facility. They are fully automatic and monitored systems that leverage your opex budget and allow flexibility to receive long lead-time systems.

Mobile systems are typically used when:

  • Existing water pretreatment systems are offline for maintenance
  • Additional capacity is needed during a plant expansion or construction project
  • A customer wants proof of concept for water pretreatment systems
  • Seasonal demand requires higher water use

Nalco Water’s modular systems can be virtually any combination of RO, DI, ion exchange or filtration. Our engineers and tech experts design the system to fit your exact water needs and provide service for the life of the rental.

Rental Water Treatment Systems

Rental water treatment systems integrate into your facility, and water is typically available in 4–6 weeks from ordering. Our experts conduct a thorough discovery to learn the water quantity and quality you need, and we provide a solution that includes services, parts and consumables as well as the assets to achieve your goals.

Rental systems can be a temporary or mid-term solution, including an interim state before installing permanent equipment. These systems eliminate the need for capital by delivering an opex solution; flexible contract options are available. 

Rental Water Treatment System Modules

  • RO systems
  • Service exchange and service DI
  • Water softeners and ion exchange
  • Polishers
  • Carbon and media filters
  • Service boilers
  • Service cooling
  • Side-stream filtration using Ultrasand Plus or multi-media filters

As with mobile systems, rental systems are modular and can be virtually any combination of water pretreatment method. Our engineers and tech experts design the system to fit your exact water needs and provide service for the life of the rental.

Benefits of Renting an Industrial Water Purification System

  • Unmatched service and technical expertise
    • Regular preventative maintenance visits
    • Review of operating data and document service reports
    • Scheduled filter, media and membrane replacement and probe calibration
    • Annual performance and business review
  • Consistent water quality and quantity
  • High Reliability and 24-hour call number
  • Flexible finance and contract options
  • Financially advantageous fixed billing
  • Low up-front investment/capex

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