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Remote Deposit Monitor

The Nalco Water Remote Deposit Monitor (RDM) is a step-change in mine water scale monitoring. Now you can find out if scale has formed before you inspect your system – and determine the cause. The RDM works by continuously and directly measuring scale formed by your plant water and the chemical and physical properties that drive it. This helps you understand your water and respond quickly to changes.

The RDM is more than an electronic scale probe. It's a system that brings together the water quality parameters that drive your water management and provides you key information when you require it. Your Nalco Water representative will work with you to create a reliable analysis and reporting system to identify and solve scale formation events as they occur.

  • Avoid costly scale removal by using real-time deposition  data – Continuous visibility into your system will help you forestall costly scale formation
  • Determine causes of scale formation – By measuring key water quality parameters such as temperature, conductivity, turbidity and pH, you can track down the root cause of scaling events and help prevent future ones.
  • Save time with remote connectivity – Get information when you need it, direct to your computer, and make better decisions faster.