Acid Cleaners for CIP Program in Ethanol Plant

Trimeta™ Alternative pH Clean-In-Place Program for Ethanol Producers

Trimeta™ pHreedom and Trimeta™ Shield

Trimeta™ pHreedom and Trimeta™ Shield are an innovative cleaner and final rinse combination that helps improve cleaning and restore equipment efficiency for ethanol producers. Ecolab's extraordinary clean-in-place program has demonstrated ability to decrease negative fermentation byproducts that impact ethanol yield and batch quality, such as glycerol, lactic acid and acetic acid.

Fermentation CIP Program:
Advanced Technology to Help Achieve Your Goals

*Distillers dried grains with solubles

Trimeta pHreedom™

Trimeta pHreedon is a highly concentrated, blended cleaner formulated for CIP cleaning in grains processing sites, wet mills, soybean and seeds processing, dry grind, fuel and potable ethanol, and other fermentation processes. It is a heavily build product for the toughest cleaning challenges as part of a complete CIP program.

Trimeta Shield™

Trimeta Shield is a cleaning product for equipment in grains processing, wet mills, soybean and seeds processing, dry grind, fuel and potable ethanol, and other fermentation processes. It may be used as a stand-alone cleaner or as an extremely effective final rinse step as part of a complete CIP program.


Trimeta™ Program Benefits:
Helping Ethanol Plants Get the CIP Results They Need to Maximize Output

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Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) 2020 Innovation Award winner in both Sustainability and Game Changer categories.
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Ferm Batch Quality


  • Helps decrease glycerol in fermenters, impacting ethanol yield
  • Reduces added sodium that can impact yeast health
  • Can significantly lower process levels of organics
  • Components have been Third-party evaluated and determined GRAS for animal feed*
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Process Consistency


  • Ability to run process equipment longer prior to fouling
  • Cut down on unintended
    foam overs
  • Minimizes potential to shut down due to pH swings
  • Quickly penetrates, suspends and rinses soils to maintain clean processing equipment
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Operational Savings


  • Run at reduced temperature to help reduce water heating cost
  • Decreases waste and energy use in plants that send CIP waste to dryers for evaporation
  • Reduces need for neutralization acid compared to caustic cleaning

*Contact an Ecolab representative for additional usage guidance

The Trimeta™ Alternative pH CIP Process:

Pre-rinse Icon

1: Pre-Rinse

pH Check Icon

2: pH Check

(CIP tank pH test)

Wash icon

3: Wash

(Send solution to ferms)

Circulate icon

4: Circulate

(With cooler recirc pump)

Return Icon

5: Return

(Wash back to CIP tank)

Soak Icon

6: Soak

(Until plant back online)

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Ecolab and Badger State Ethanol:

Providing the Value of a Total Cleaning Partnership

Ecolab has a long-standing business model of “finding a customer need and filling it.” Three years ago, when Ecolab was looking for new ways to fuel continued growth, the Ecolab team began looking at other market segments that used CIP processes; a cleaning technology Ecolab invented more than 50 years ago.