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Ultrasil™ Connected
Membrane Cleaning Program for Dairy Processors

Optimize production performance. Reduce chlorine use.

Introducing a new way to clean spiral-wound membranes in dairy: a holistic program designed to help improve productivity through increased throughput and reduced cleaning time, while helping protect product quality and extend membrane life. Ecolab Ultrasil™ Connected provides enhanced cleaning performance with innovative enzymatic chemistry, improved production visibility with an integrated digital module, and the support of an industry-leading team of membrane clean-in-place (CIP) experts.

With new innovative cleaning chemistries, digital technology and expert support, Ultrasil™ Connected will change the way you think about membrane cleaning.

A Custom Membrane Cleaning​

Harness new high performing chemistries and actionable membrane monitoring to build a new, optimized cleaning protocol.

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Increase Productivity

The buildup of complex soil types during production reduces membrane performance over time. Armed with digital monitoring and a team of membrane experts, this comprehensive solution helps optimize your membrane cleaning program. A better clean helps increase product throughput, improve food safety, and reduce CIP time – enabling increased production and profit potential.

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Reduce Chlorine Use

New high-performing chemistries are formulated to allow for a reduction and potential elimination of chlorine from your membrane cleaning program. Minimizing chlorine use helps lower your risk of oxidizer-related equipment and membrane damage - and supports sustainability goals by mitigating wastewater contamination.

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Increase Membrane Life

Reducing chlorine in the cleaning processes mitigates  the oxidizer’s corrosive and potentially membrane-damaging side effects. By delivering greater visibility into membrane performance, the digital module further contributes to improved membrane productivity, helping reduce product loss and extend membrane life.

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Enhance Labor Efficiency and Safety

Building from our industry-changing 3D CIP platform, a new membrane-specific digital module turns data from existing sensors into meaningful, actionable insights that translate into faster troubleshooting, streamlined analysis and less frequent membrane replacement. What’s more, eliminating chlorine improves employee safety by reducing the frequency of their exposure to concentrated chemistry.

Faster Membrane Cleaning in Dairy Processing Facilities – Without the Chlorine

Producer saw an immediate ROI using Ultrasil™ Connected*

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Like the majority of North American dairy processors, this manufacturer historically used chlorinated solutions to keep their production membranes operational and safe. But while they succeed at keeping production facilities productive and hygienic, these chlorine-based cleaners have a corrosive effect on the membranes, which shortens their usable lifespan and leads to more frequent replacements. In partnership with Ecolab, the customer completed a trial of Ultrasil™ Connected and during the one-year trial period saw an immediate ROI.

*Because of factors outside of Ecolab’s control, such as water conditions and facility cleaning processes, results to be obtained including but not limited to water and energy savings cannot be predicted or guaranteed by Ecolab. This site is a whey processing plant making protein concentrate with UF membrane applications.

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