Water Quality:
Real-Time Water Performance Intelligence

Powered by ECOLAB3D™

Water treatment monitoring is an essential part of your enterprise operations. Greater visibility into your industrial water treatment performance drives optimized performance and productivity.

Ecolab’s Water Quality powered by ECOLAB3D provides real-time visibility into your water treatment program, giving you the insights you need at a glance. Water Quality provides a comprehensive view at the enterprise, site and asset levels, so you can identify underperforming assets quickly and take proactive actions to conserve water, save energy and reduce costs.

How Water Quality Drives Optimized Water Treatment Performance

Utilizing critical data from a variety of sources, Water Quality creates real-time performance monitoring updates that drive actionable insights. Water Quality combines controller data, field data, laboratory data and customer-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and analyses in the monitoring process. The results are enterprise-wide water treatment performance analytics that can help you quickly identify underperforming assets and take real-time action, leading to improved asset performance.

Because you define the KPIs for your program, you have complete control over your asset performance settings. You can also compare site- and asset-level performance, identifying performance benchmark that can extend your asset life and improve its efficiency while substantially increasing your cost savings potiental.

With Data Visualization, you can conduct deeper analysis of real-time data and trends, identify specific problem areas at the site level, collaborate across your organization using Action Log to solve the problem, helping you increase asset reliability, conserve water and savings energy.



Key Features:

  • Enterprise Map
  • Site Performance
  • Data Visualization
  • Action Log


Real-Time Water Monitoring Visibility for Real-Time Benefits

Water Quality makes it simple to gain visibility into your industrial water treatment program. With better visibility and insights, you have the ability to identify underperforming assets in real time, achieve optimal performance of your system and prevent time-consuming and expensive challenges. With Water Quality, you have the opportunity to:
Significantly Increase Your Visibility

into the enterprise, site and asset levels of your entire operation.

Boost Your Asset Integrity and Reliability

through deeper analysis, greater insights, and faster actions, stopping failures before they happen.

Lower Your Energy Costs and Water Usage

with more efficient and optimized systems.

Save Valuable Resources

while maintaining your asset performance.

Real-World Value

Water Quality enables a more comprehensive view of asset health to offer the potential for significant return on investment:

Quickly identify underperforming assets and take action to improve asset performance


Optimize water treatment program to minimize make up and blow down rates, conserving water


Improve asset efficiency to save energy

Water Quality and Your Enterprise System

Learn more about how Water Quality powered by ECOLAB3D can improve asset performance and deliver cost savings within your industrial water treatment program.
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ECOLAB3D™ IIoT Platform

Water Quality is powered by ECOLAB3D. ECOLAB3D is an IIoT platform designed to collect data from monitoring systems, automation tools and more in order to gain enterprise visibility, data-driven insights and prescriptive performance recommendations. Combined with our industry leading services and field expertise, we help enable customers to improve performance, manage risk, and deliver value and more..

Learn more about Ecolab's safe and secure cloud-based IoT and IIoT Platform.


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