Ecolab’s New Exelerate™ TUFSOIL Cleaner and Degreaser Helps Minimize the Time Needed to Remove Tough, Burnt-on Soils

November 12, 2020
Exelerate TUFSOIL

Innovative ready-to-use, patent-pending formula helps food and protein manufacturers improve cleaning outcomes, increase production time and enhance worker safety

ST. PAUL, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Ecolab, the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services, has launched Exelerate™ TUFSOIL, an innovative ready-to-use gel cleaner and degreaser for food and protein manufacturers. Exelerate TUFSOIL helps enable more effective cleaning while minimizing time spent removing tough, burnt-on soils in fryers, ovens, smokehouses, dryers, racks, catwalks and environmental areas.

“To deliver safe, high-quality food to consumers, food and protein manufacturers can spend multiple hours of labor-intensive work to manually scrub, scrape and water-blast equipment to remove burnt-on soils in hard-to-reach areas,” said Ann Gent, senior vice president and general manager of Ecolab Food and Beverage in North America. “Exelerate TUFSOIL was developed to help our customers address this challenge, allowing operators to minimize time spent on soil removal; ultimately helping to increase production time, improve cleaning outcomes to reduce food safety risks and enhance worker safety.”

The patent-pending formula is a result of Ecolab’s extensive research and development focus and commitment to developing breakthrough innovations that help our customers solve their toughest challenges. It contains alkaline, solvent and surfactant components that interact to improve cleaning performance and effectively cut through tough carbonized sugars, oils and proteins. The gel formula delivers an improved cling time compared to a foam alkaline cleaner, ensuring a longer contact period on vertical surfaces. By extending exposure time, Exelerate TUFSOIL has the ability to break down tough soils more efficiently. In addition, users have noted that as a gel product, Exelerate TUFSOIL has a reduced odor when compared to foam alkaline products, helping improve the application experience.

The product comes ready-to-use and does not require any mixing, diluting, or titrating, decreasing operator preparation time and handling of the product. “Exelerate TUFSOIL also can be applied on hot surfaces without drying out, reducing time spent waiting for surfaces to cool down and avoiding re-application compared to foam products that can dry on the surface,” emphasized Maddie Faubion, an Ecolab chemical engineer. “This provides additional time savings and operational efficiency for plant operators.”

A fluorescent green dye is added to the product to provide increased visibility, especially for dark, hard-to-reach areas such as fryers or ovens. This visual cue helps reduce over-application and ensures equipment areas have been properly covered and rinsed.

Ecolab’s Exelerate TUFSOIL, ready-to-use gel cleaner and degreaser, is available now in North America and Greater China, and will be available in additional markets throughout 2021. To learn more about Exelerate TUFSOIL, visit

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