Ecolab's Award-Winning Cockroach Multi-Station Provides Ongoing Defense to Protect Foodservice Operations

Patented design helps resolve cockroach problems and the public health risks they present by improving catch rates and reducing trap displacement

May 20, 2021
Ecolab's Cockroach Multi-Station

Ecolab's Cockroach Multi-Station

ST. PAUL, Minn. – May 20, 2021 – Ecolab Inc., the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services, has launched the Cockroach Multi-Station, an innovative, discreet and durable device designed to detect the arrival of cockroaches early and provide ongoing defense to help foodservice providers ensure clean and safe operations. 

Ecolab’s patented Cockroach Multi-Station was recently recognized with a 2021 Kitchen Innovation Award from the National Restaurant Association. The Kitchen Innovation Awards recognize the most significant equipment innovations to improve back-of-house operations within the restaurant industry.

“The Cockroach Multi-Station is the latest innovation in our comprehensive Cockroach Service and will help our customers efficiently protect their brand reputation and bottom line,” said Greg Cook, senior vice president and general manager, Ecolab Pest Elimination. “Ecolab’s new solution will make it easier for the restaurant industry to help eliminate this business risk.”

The Cockroach Multi-Station is a permanent solution that is easily installed on any surface, making it ideal to detect and eliminate cockroaches at their source. The station’s unique design and curvature mimics cockroach harborages to facilitate greater pest attraction and capture.

“Known to carry bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella, cockroaches are a major threat to food safety, public health and brand reputation,” said Julie Marquardt, vice president of Research, Development & Engineering for Ecolab Pest Elimination. “A single cockroach sighting can lead to a restaurant shut down, so it’s vital to mitigate pest risk through the innovation and expertise that Ecolab brings to our customer partnerships.”

Ecolab’s Cockroach Multi-Station has helped resolve major German Cockroach infestations in several types of food establishments through its monitoring capabilities that identify the presence and specific location of pest activity. By deploying this new way of monitoring, Ecolab Pest Elimination service specialists can quickly determine “hot-spots” and narrow their area of focus to help eliminate the origin of cockroach pressure as well as protect against new introductions.

An Ecolab Pest Elimination customer using the Cockroach Multi-Station commented, “The fact that cockroaches aren’t visible gives us confidence that monitoring is happening out of sight, and the Ecolab team will let us know what needs to happen if we do have a problem.”

The Cockroach Multi-Station is one of several innovative solutions offered with Ecolab’s Cockroach Service, which utilizes science-based protocols and equipment to proactively identify, eliminate and prevent cockroach risks. Ecolab’s Cockroach Service is a key component of its Pest Elimination Protect Programs and will help protect a company’s operations, brand and bottom line.

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Roman Blahoski


May 20, 2021



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