Elaine Black Shares How Hotels Can Find Success in 2022

Her article in Hospitality Technology highlights the importance of confidence in cleanliness

March 01, 2022

Ecolab’s Elaine Black, director of food safety and public health, recently shared her expertise in an article for Hospitality Technology, in which she discusses how science-based cleaning practices can help hotels be successful in 2022.

In the piece, she outlines the pent-up urge for people to travel after years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, but notes that travelers want to be assured of their safety. Expectations have never been higher; many people are expecting hotel cleanliness protocols to align with the latest WHO and CDC guidelines and to be clearly communicated to them, she says.

Elaine states that effective, visible policies around cleanliness and sanitation are appealing to potential guests and a significant reason for their decision to make a booking. According to Deloitte, 89% of travelers chose to stay in a hotel over other lodging options because of enhanced cleaning protocols and 95% expect these heightened industry standards around cleanliness to continue post-pandemic.

“While COVID-19 restrictions have eased in many locales, cleaning protocols cannot,” Elaine writes. “Safety, cleanliness, and hygienic practices will continue to be top of mind as we continue to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and other illnesses.”

Elaine goes on to outline how hotels can create a plan, align with partners, choose the right products, focus on the fundamentals, and — facing an employee shortage — do more with less.

Read the full article on the Hospitality Technology website.


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