The 5-second Rule Still Rules for Many

But a recent OnePoll study of 2,000 Americans shows that Americans have a higher standard of cleanliness than they did before the COVID-19 Pandemic

August 02, 2022

The study revealed that, while 44% of people follow the “five-second rule” for eating food off the floor, half of the respondents now have a higher standard for cleanliness than they did pre-pandemic and 70% “use cleanliness as a gauge for whether or not they would return somewhere.” This suggests that proper hygiene remains an essential part of day-to-day lives and that it could have major implications for the places people eat, sleep, shop and play.

Conducted on behalf of Ecolab, the study polled 2,000 Americans to learn how their perceptions of cleanliness have changed over the last few years and which environments they believe are the cleanest. First reported in Talker, it shows that while people are returning to the places they enjoy, they are doing so with caution because they are concerned about how well the places they visit are cleaned. For example, the study cites that nearly two-thirds of respondents are concerned about cleanliness when attending large events, and that they avoid touching certain surfaces like entry doors, bar counters and bathrooms to avoid germs.

Lisa Robinson, VP of Global Food Safety and Public Health at Ecolab was interviewed for the story. She explained that “by offering science-based products and protocols to help avoid the spread of germs, the Ecolab Science Certified Program can help businesses stay cleaner and safer.” People are looking for assurance that the environments they are in won’t do them harm, and a visible commitment to cleanliness can help draw people in and keep them coming back. “The Ecolab Science Certified seal can help give peace of mind to those who experience stress around health and food safety,” Lisa explains “as well as overall cleanliness.” 

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