Is It Clean? Holiday Travelers Want to Know...

A new OnePoll study of 2,000 Americans reveals that travelers are looking for more reassurance than ever that the places they stay are squeaky clean.

November 17, 2022
Service Rep hands applying Ecolab Science Certified sticker to business window

Caption: When you see the Ecolab Science Certified Seal you can be assured of a higher level of cleanliness

The holiday travel season is almost here, and Americans will be taking off for vacation in droves. But it appears they’ll be doing so with a greater awareness of – and concern for – health and cleanliness.

According to a new survey of 2,000 nationally representative Americans, people are looking forward to their getaways so much that they’re taking special precautions to ensure they’re healthy enough to go. The recent OnePoll study, conducted on behalf of Ecolab, found that 44% of people are taking special precautions at least one week before they travel to avoid getting sick and thwarting their plans, and 22% are doing the same for more than two weeks in advance.

And while 56% of people report feeling ‘dirtier and germier’ while traveling, 58% say they now have even higher standards of cleanliness when traveling compared to the start of the pandemic. This expectation extends to the places they’re staying as well. Upon arrival at their destination, they are looking for signs of cleanliness at the places they’re staying so they can avoid picking up germs and getting sick once they’re there.

In fact, American travelers are looking for red cleaning flags like dust and fingerprints on cups or stains on sheets as soon as they arrive, with an overwhelming 82% of people also reporting they would feel more comfortable staying someplace that has a cleaning program clearly visible to them.

Lisa Robinson, VP Global Food Safety and Public Health at Ecolab was interviewed for the article, explaining that this visible commitment to clean is key to helping businesses assure visitors they’re someplace that is dedicated to a higher level of cleanliness. The Ecolab Science Certified Program can help them achieve this through science-based products, professional auditing and a visible seal of approval so guests can feel good getting back out in the world and enjoying life.

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