Ecolab's Commitment to Community and Environmental Stewardship

February 26, 2024
Ecolab associates volunteering during the company’s 100th Anniversary Global Weeks of Service event.

Ecolab is dedicated to supporting programs and initiatives that protect people and nature in the communities where we live and work. Our associates demonstrate this commitment through thousands of volunteer hours each year, showcasing our mission to foster thriving ecosystems and communities globally.

In 2023, Ecolab associates from 44 countries and all levels and divisions of the company volunteered 40,000 hours in their local communities. To mark Ecolab's 100th anniversary, a Global Weeks of Service event was held in June, where associates engaged in environmental stewardship projects such as park and beach cleanups, tree planting, and other public space restoration activities. In Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, more than 200 associates participated in 10 litter-pickup walks, collecting 500 pounds of trash and planting 150 trees.

“The volunteer time our associates dedicate to their communities globally has a significant positive impact,” said Kris Taylor, vice president, Global Community Impact and president, Ecolab Foundation. “We’ve cultivated a culture of giving back, and collectively, the difference we can make is exponential.”

Similar efforts took place in Canada, Hungary, the Netherlands, Kenya, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the Philippines, Italy, Slovenia and several states in the U.S., demonstrating our associates' dedication to improving their work and communities.

In Mexico City, a group of associates worked to preserve chinampa agriculture, an ancient farming technique that plays a vital role in conserving the region's biodiversity. Their efforts resulted in significant growth of corn crops, emphasizing the enduring impact of our associates' work beyond their time spent volunteering.

Outside of the Global Weeks of Service, Ecolab volunteers continued to make a difference throughout the year. In Mexico, a group planted more than 600 trees at the El Tepozan Ecotourism Park in Ajusco, helping restore areas damaged by forest fires.

We are proud to see our associates enhancing the well-being of the people and communities around them and look forward to their continued contributions in 2024.

“We’ve cultivated a culture of giving back, and collectively, the difference we can make is exponential.”

Kris Taylor

Vice President, Global Community Impact and President, Ecolab Foundation

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