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Comprehensive Antimicrobial Program for Poultry Processing

Ecolab combines chemistry, expertise, equipment and insights to provide a comprehensive antimicrobial program for poultry processing plants.

Our experts will design a program that helps enhance food safety and quality by decreasing spoilage and pathogenic bacteria, and our trusted solutions help you respond to issues before they become problems. When you partner with Ecolab, you can optimize your operations while protecting your reputation and brand.

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Antimicrobial Monitoring Insights

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Chemistry to Advance Protein Processing

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Equipment That is Reliable, Robust and Accurate

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Expertise and On-Site Consultations

Why Choose Ecolab?

Learn about the benefits that Ecolab antimicrobial services can provide for your poultry processing operation.

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Antimicrobial Monitoring Insights that Bring Visibility and Control

Monitor and Control Your Process in Real Time

  • Reduce variability and optimize usage with automated, precise dosing 
  • Centrally and securely manage entire system from 19’’ controller
  • Remotely view performance against plant goals with live view of pH/PAA concentration and chemical/water flow
  • Use customized alarms to respond to issues before they become problematic

Take Action on Historical Data 

  • Quickly identify heavy users with clear reports that totalize consumption by application point (antimicrobial/caustic/water) 
  • Troubleshoot, and visually track use and concentration over time
  • Manually add titration data to historical process monitor graphs
  • Simplify audit procedures with easy-to-access historical data

Equipment That is Reliable, Robust and Accurate

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Expertise and On-Site Consultations

  • A partnership of service and science that protects your brand and delivers proven results
  • Local management supported by advanced technical support teams
  • Comprehensive on-site training and support for your employees
  • Regional maintenance technicians to ensure equipment is running smoothly
  • Regulatory support provided for compliance issues

Chemistry to Advance Protein Processing

Antimicrobial Agent Inspexx™ 250, a Concentrated Peroxyacetic Acid (PAA)

  • Enhances food safety and quality by decreasing spoilage and pathogenic bacteria
  • Quickly degrades to harmless and naturally occurring components; Inspexx™ was used for the PAA degradation study published in Food Production Trends Magazine
  • Not required to be listed as an ingredient on product label
  • Certified organic 
  • Compatible with Ecolab water recycling system

Ecolab Customer Antimicrobial Program Outcomes

Smart automation helps ensure optimal antimicrobial conditions for chiller system water 

Using smart automation to prepare the chiller system water with antimicrobial helps ensure antimicrobial levels are met before birds are introduced into the tanks. 

  • Initial charge function: Chiller ready in 37 minutes (compared to up to 136 minutes)
  • Flexibility: Dosing can be paused after obtaining initial charge to allow for system synchronization 
  • Improved efficiency: Automatic dosing and customizable timing for any process line

Antimicrobial program helps reduce chemical use and saves water for chicken processor 

A Category One chicken processor reduces their use of antimicrobial chemistry and water while maintaining their strong operational performance.

  • PAA usage decreased by 33%
  • Food Grade Caustic usage DECREASED by >40%
  • Water usage DECREASED by 20%
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