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Designed specifically for tunnel washers, the Aquamiser™ Water Reuse System is the process-integrated, low-maintenance approach designed to take water reuse one step further. The Aquamiser filters solids and lint from the selected wastewater, while the design of the system manages reuse water at both the front and back of the tunnel. This provides significant water savings.

Equipment Details
reduce water usage in tunnel washers by 30-50%

Commercial Laundry's Most Effective Water Reuse System for Tunnels
  • Process-integrated approach uses recycled water only in the pre-wash zone, helping to assure no negative effect on wash quality
  • Filters water and removes lint, sand and other particles
  • Self-cleaning “spinning disc” filtration is virtually maintenance-free; simply replace every 6 to 18 months
  • Simple to use and install into existing water flow with minimal piping
  • Compact, vertical configuration uses minimal floor space
  • By-pass capability means no risk to production
  • No significant change in chemistry requirements
  • Wastewater costs are reduced in proportion to reduced water volume
Specification Value
Dimension (LWH) 59" long, 29.5" wide, 85" high
Flow Capacity 26 gpm depending on filtration level
Filtration Rating 25 to 75 micron
Utilities Required 230/460/60/3 power for 6 HP total load