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Commercial Pest Control for Birds

commercial BIRD Control

Whether damaging your property with their droppings and nests, shutting down your operations by getting in your facility, or creating an unsightly and unsanitary mess in and around your building, nuisance birds like pigeons, can cause real problems. Our Pest Elimination Bird Specialists will help rid and deter these disease-carrying pests.


Bird Control Services

Our integrated Bird Control Services include state-of-the-art products, techniques and technology that are non-lethal, non-disruptive, discrete and humane. Your Ecolab Pest Elimination Bird Specialist will consult with you to identify problem areas and find the best bird deterrent options available for your facility.

Our Strategic Approach to Bird Control:

  • Assess Risk
  • Reduce Population
  • Defend Your Operation
  • Protect Your Brand

Ecolab goes beyond pest control, putting our expertise to work every day to solve the industry’s most complex pest challenges. Through our proactive people and innovative spirit, we protect you today, while advancing new and better solutions to protect you tomorrow. We are committed to a higher standard.


Bird Control Services
  • Birds can spread more than 60 diseases through fecal matter, feathers, nest materials and parasites such as lice, mites and fleas.
  • Birds breed at a rapid rate of 2-4 offspring on average per year, which leads to overpopulation.
  • Droppings are considered highly acidic and can ruin building structures and equipment.

Bird Educational Resources

Grain Mill
Case Study - Grain Packing Facility

One of the largest grain packing facilities in North America implemented Ecolab's Bird Control Services and saw a 100% reduction of birds in areas with installed equipment.

Bird Identification Guide

This identification guide provides the characteristics and behaviors of different bird species.

Our Pest Elimination Offerings

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