Person showing bottom of boot with Ecolab Boost Tread Defense™ QF product on the tread.

Boost Tread Defense™ QF

Boost Tread Defense™ QF (EPA Reg. No. 63761-11-1677) is a dry non-food contact, hard non-porous surface sanitizer specifically designed to improve sanitation where conditions favor microorganism growth and cause sanitation concern. Leverage Boost Tread Defense™ QF in low moisture or dry, quat-sensitive environments to help improve quality at your facility.


Icon illustration of forklift.

High Traffic Areas
and Fork Lift Routes

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Foot Pan
and Mat Sanitizer

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Doorway Intervention

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Person stepping on mat filled with Ecolab Boost Tread Defense QF.

Boost Tread Defense™ QF

Dry Non-Food Contact Sanitizer

Features and Benefits:

  • Concentrated powder product
  • Easily applied to floors during production
  • Clings to the surface of footwear and wheels
  • Low dust formulation permits broadcast application
  • Blue color helps to easily distinguish the product from most food ingredients

For Use:

  • In high traffic areas and fork lift routes
  • As a floor surface or boot sanitizer
  • In a floor mat or foot pan
  • In and around drains

Effective On/Against:

  • Hard, non-porous, inanimate, non-food contact sanitizing surfaces
    - Escherichia coli
    - Listeria monocytogenes
    - Salmonella enterica
    - Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis
    - Cronobacter sakazakii
    - Campylobacter jejuni
    - Klebsiella aerogenes
    - Staphylococcus aureus

*When used according to label directions; In California, claim is under review and pending approval at this time.

Product Number Country Pack Size
6302456 U.S. 100 LB
6302457 U.S. 400 LB
6302461 Canada 100 LB / 45.4 KG
6302462 Canada 400 LB / 181 KG
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