Cal Hypo Pool and Spa Products

Delight guests with sparkling clean water to maximize guest comfort and enjoyment. Automated dispensers control chlorine feed through erosion feeders, which helps to maintain a stable, well-balanced pool chemistry and respond to unpredictable and variable bather load. Cal Hypo uses chlorine in a solid tablet form, which ensures safe handling.

Cal Hypo Pool and Spa Products

  • Automated dispensing ensures proper water balance, providing swimmers with a safe and enjoyable environment
  • Comprehensive line of NSF Certified feeders capable of handling pools of all sizes — from spas to several million gallon pools
  • Calcium Hypochlorite tablets can be stored for up to a year while liquid bleach degrades rapidly, losing its effectiveness
  • Minimize worker injuries with conveniently packaged solid sanitizers, designed for easy and safe handling
Programs includes:
  • Automation to ensure proper water balance
  • 24/7 computerized monitoring
  • Technical support by remote support specialists
  • Personalized service and staff training

Aqua Balance Products

Aqua Balance Cal Hypo Shock

This product will provide a shock treatment to pools that have to be shocked or superchlorinated.

Aqua Balance Total Alkalinity

Designed to control the alkalinity of swimming pools and spas to the levels required by the state health codes.

Aqua Balance pH Plus

Aqua Balance pH Plus counteracts problems like irritation of eyes and skin and corrosion of expensive equipment by raising pH level to the  ideal 7.2 - 7.6 range.


An image of clean, clear, blue pool water.

Cal Hypo Pool and Spa Brochure

Ecolab's Cal Hypo Pool and Spa Program helps ensure proper water balance, providing swimmers a safe and enjoyable environment. Our Cal Hypo Program includes automated dispensing, 24/7 computerized monitoring, technical support by our remote support specialist and personalized service for your business.
Aqua Balance Brochure Cover

Aqua Balance Brochure

Delivering a worry-free approach. Helping you proactively address your pool challenges