Hospital staff pushing an Ecolab microfiber mop across a hospital room floor under a bed.

Microfiber Mop

The unique microfiber mop system combines microfiber technology with loops to increase cleaning effectiveness and efficiency in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Ecolab’s microfiber mop design eliminates the dust-mopping step. The microfiber mop system has an ergonomic "Z" handle and mop holder. The "Z" handle design helps to reduce stress on the user’s wrists, arms, shoulders, and lower back. There is no need to bend when loading a mop on to the holder. The mop system is also available in a straight handle design.

Equipment Details

  • Light weight
  • Eliminates cross-contamination risk by using one mop head per room
  • Large cotton loops pick up large particles of dirt and hair
  • Improves efficiency of large surface cleaning with ergonomic mop system design
  • Eliminates labor and supplies associated with dust mopping
  • Mop head attaches to frame easily with fabric pockets that slip on to mop frame
  • Superior dirt/dust pickup due to microfiber technology


16.1 in x 4.3 in (41cm x 11cm) and .24 lbs (110g fabric weight)


Material of Construction:

1" microfiber edging with cotton loops


The user simply places the microfiber mop on the floor, collapses the head of the mop holder, places the holder over the mop, and pushes down on the holder to connect it into the mop pockets.