Cleaning an isolator with Ecolab products

Cleanroom Laundry Program

Ecolab helps you take your cleanroom laundry services to the next level, to meet the strict requirements of cleanroom environments. Our comprehensive program includes proactive consulting, advanced cleanroom laundry services, optimized operations, and water and energy solutions. Contact us today for details. 

Protocol Products for Cleanroom Garment Laundry 

Protocol takes Ecolab’s superior cleaning technology and refines it to meet the demands of a cleanroom. The Protocol product line includes:

  • Protocol 1000: High-Active Builder
    This ultra-pure alkaline concentrate was developed to provide extra soil removal and suspension on heavily soiled cleanroom textiles. Use Protocol 1000 simultaneously with Protocol 3000 in the break operation of the heavy soil wash formula.
  • Protocol 3000: Concentrated Neutral Detergent
    This super-concentrated, ultra-pure detergent is designed to penetrate, emulsify and lift off all types of cleanroom soils. It disperses rapidly, instantly wetting and penetrating the fabric for quick, deep soil removal.
  • Protocol 4000: Ultraconcentrated Sour
    Safe on all cleanroom fabrics, this concentrated neutralizing agent is formulated with a blend of mild acids for maximum neutralization capacity.


Cleanroom technician using Ecolab Klercide™ product

Comprehensive Cleanroom Solutions

Ecolab offers a variety of cleaning and decontamination solutions for commercial laundry cleanroom facilities.

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