Conventional Floor Care

You’re on show as soon as you open your front door, and looking your best starts with your floors. Ecolab offers floor care solutions for every situation, from light daily maintenance to solutions for removing buildup and heavy soil.

An image of an exceptionally clean building floor.

A Great Image From the Ground Up

You know that image matters, so caring for your floor requires effort and attention.

Challenges: A Dirty Floor Gives a Bad First Impression

  • First impressions count, but keeping floors looking their best is costly and time-consuming
  • Different floor types require different floor cleaners. But knowing what to choose can be a challenge
  • High-traffic areas are hazards for slips and falls due to soil buildup and need extra attention

Solutions: Looking Sharp Is Easier Than You Think

  • A daily floor-cleaning ritual ensures a positive experience every time someone walks in your door
  • The right floor cleaner will protect your investments for years to come
  • Choosing the right product for your floor type is imperative for clean, safe floors

Floor Cleaner Types and Products

Neutral Floor Cleaner: 

High Performance Neutral Floor Cleaner

Ultra low foaming, neutral floor cleaner designed for daily use in automatic scrubbers and mop buckets on floors with light to medium traffic. Effective for removing general soil and grime.

Alkaline Floor Cleaner:

MAXX Dual Action Floor Cleaner

Best for removing greasy buildup and heavier amounts of soil. Dual-purpose alkaline floor cleaner, good for daily cleaning/scrub, and recoat on floors with medium to heavy soil loads.