SVP Pure™ Advanced Design Generator

The SVP Pure generators are designed to accept only approved precursors for an efficient conversion to chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Each generator is designed to the requirements of the site, but there are four basic classifications of the generators. Advanced Design (AD) Models utilize solenoid or mechanical metering pumps, an advanced PLC and touch screen to control operation and monitor interlocks, and require 78% sulfuric acid.

Equipment Details

Advanced controls are standard on this unit with a touch screen interface for unit operation. The generator features full remote control of rate adjustment, start/stop, and status monitoring including a Flow Pace mode of operation.

  • Capacities to 2,500 Kg (5,500 lbs) ClO2 per day
  • 95% plus efficient
  • Two-chemical process
  • Reliable ClO2 generation
  • NSF 60 certified
  • CE certified
  • FDA approved
  • Remote web-based monitoring available

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 1980 mm (78")
  • Length: 1220 mm (48")
  • Depth: 610 mm (24")
  • Weight: 545 Kg (1200 lbs)


  • One 230V 30 amp circuit


  • Water source at 10bar (145 psig)
  • 1.4-29.5 m3/hr (6-130 GPM) - Dependent on eductor selection


  • 1 to 100 Kg ClO2/hour
  • 2 to 220 lbs ClO2/hour

Looking for an easy start-up?

We provide start-up assistance

  1. Set the SVP Pure generator (it comes 100% pre-assembled and ready to go). In addition to our Purate experts, your local Purate distributor can also provide all of the assistance you need to set up your system.
  2. Hook up Purate and acid supplies (IBC totes or bulk tanks may be used). 
  3. Supply water to the generator & pipe ClO2 to the application point (Plastic, FRP or other standard piping materials).
  4. Connect power to the generator (Voltage varies depending on model).
  5. You're ready for check out and start up, (Takes only a few hours).

Remote start/stop? Flow pacing? They are in there!

AD and MSA models offer Touch Screen Panels for easy chlorine dioxide (ClO2) operation at the touch of a finger.

Touchscreens are standard equipment on the AD, MSA and DS models to provide easy operation and functionality. Use of alarms logs, start/stop commands and local set rates are available for everyone without the need for sophisticated training.

The DS Model has sophisticated controls to allow simultaneous ClO2 dosing at four points. 

Measured variables such as flows, pressures, redox and gas detectors are displayed and colors are used to indicate status of valves, pumps and pipes.