eChlorine: Electrolytic Sodium Hypochlorite Generation System

We know that high corrosion rates and hazards of handling bulk chemistry are just a few of the common challenges with liquid bleach. Nalco Water’s on-site sodium hypochlorite  generator, eChlorine, can provide your healthcare or hospitality facility with a consistent oxidant residual using only water, salt and electricity. 


Common Liquid Bleach Challenges

  • High corrosion due to chlorine degradation associated with time and temp
  • Difficulty maintaining residuals due to chlorine degradation
  • Hazardous bulk chemical storage and handling
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Benefits of eChlorine

  • Consistent oxidant residuals
  • Fresh solution generated eliminates chlorine degradation issues
  • Increased Safety
  • Elimination of storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals
  • Generates chlorine on-site using only water, salt, and electricity
eChlorine Unit

Peace of Mind

Reducing risk in your building water systems.