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Eco-Flex Non-Iodine Teat Dip

Non-iodine teat dip

Fast, effective, and affordable formula designed for teat disinfection pre- and post-milking

Leave iodine residues behind with Ecolab's latest innovation in udder care, Eco-Flex, a non-iodine teat dip developed with the customer in mind. Eco-Flex is proven to meet your animal health and milk quality goals with this complete 3-in-1 technology that provides powerful disinfection, efficient protection, and promotes teat skin health all at an affordable price. 

Hear from Dr. Joe Morelli

See how Eco-Flex Non-Iodine Teat Dip helps you achieve your milk quality goals while making animal health a priority. Dr. Joe Morelli, Corporate Scientist at Ecolab, has decades of agri experience. Watch this short video of Dr. Morelli explaining the latest innovation in udder care.

Benefits of eco-flex as a pre- and post-milking teat dip

Benefits of Eco-Flex teat dip for Pre- and Post- milking


  • Enables fast kill of greater than 99.999% of mastitis-causing pathogens


  • Offers effective mastitis prevention by killing some mastitis-causing strains up to 4X faster than iodine teat dips


  • The unique blend of glycerin, sorbitol, lanolin, and propylene glycol delivers excellent pre- and post- milking conditioning


  • Eco-Flex can be applied as a dip, spray, or foam
  • This compact and highly concentrated formula can be diluted on-site at the farm or by your local distributor