The draft update of Annex 1 has introduced the requirement for pharmaceutical manufacturers to have in place a Contamination Control Strategy (CCS). Whether you’re in the process of defining, developing or maintaining your CCS, we can work with you to help build a compliant strategy for cleaning, disinfection and decontamination.

New CCS Webinar Series:

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If you missed our last Webinar in July, please express your interest in the new series coming this Fall.
Our complimentary webinar series cover all aspects of developing, building and maintaining your CCS as well as how Ecolab’s exclusive program can help you in easily refining your CCS for cleaning, disinfection and decontamination.

Our Global Technical Consultants (GTCs) are an international team of Pharmaceutical Microbiologists with decades of industry experience.

Find out more about some of our GTCs:

Ecolab Expert  Laura Brennan

8+ years experience in the Pharmaceutical industry

Laura is a Global Corporate Account Scientific Project Manager on Ecolab’s Life Sciences contamination control expert team. In her role, she is responsible for project managing multi site efficacy validation projects for Global Pharmaceutical companies.

Ecolab Expert Matt Cokely

10+ years experience within the Pharmaceutical industry working as a Pharmaceutical Microbiologist

He has experience working in graded cleanrooms and in the manufacture of a wide and diverse range of pharmaceutical formats including solid oral dosage units, oral liquids, powders and sterile injectable products.

Ecolab Expert David Collins

8+ years experience in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Microbiology

David began his career in microbiology within the cosmetics industry. David progressed as QA Microbiologist from a third-party cosmetics manufacturer joining The Estée Lauder group for the research and development of personal care products.

Ecolab Expert David Keen

20+ years experience as a Pharmaceutical Microbiologist

David is a pharmaceutical microbiologist who has worked across the pharmaceutical industry including in primary and secondary manufacturing, both sterile and non-sterile dose forms, for FMCG, CMO and clinical trial manufacturing.

Our GTCs can guide you through the necessary steps to give you an improved state of control:

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The GTC team proactively monitor regulatory changes in industry through engagement with regulatory bodies such as EU GMP, USP, PDA, CEN and EPA.

Two technicians in a cleanroom

Our GTC will conduct an in-depth review to help identify and document the risks to your cleanroom and work to close any gaps in your strategy.

Cleanroom technician on a computer

Ecolab offers comprehensive documentation packages to rationalize acceptance of risks or document the contamination control solution that has been implemented to mitigate risks.

Scientist putting a solution onto 4 dots in a petri dish

Our GTC team are experts in the validation processes and can support you through activities needed to perform compliant and successful validations as part of your Contamination Control Strategy.

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The Need for CCS — What Is It?
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