2022 Ecolab Science Certified (ESC) logo aligns with the new Ecolab brand refresh

Ecolab Science Certified™ Program

A comprehensive, science-based public health and food safety program that helps ensure the right products, programs, procedures and training are in place through an Ecolab independent verification process and partnership. Together, we can help you meet guest and employee expectations and advance cleaner, safer practices.


Ecolab Science Certified Helps Create Consumer Confidence in Four Ways:


• Create Clean

through the right science-based programs, hospital disinfectants, and procedures informed by CDC and FDA guidelines
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• Check Clean

through a periodic verification process to support compliance

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• See Clean

through on-site and digital collateral featuring the Ecolab Science Certified seal

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• Believe Clean

through a consumer awareness and education media campaign

Ecolab Science Certified Seal Process 

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Qualify for the Seal

Customer and Ecolab meet to determine if their corporate program qualifies for Ecolab Science Certified seal.

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Verify the Seal

EcoSure® Field Specialists conduct location visits to provide initial verification of implementation of the Ecolab Science Certified program.

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Use the Seal

Ecolab delivers digital and physical Ecolab Science Certified seals to customer to promote use of Ecolab's products and protocols.

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Maintain the Seal

EcoSure® Field Specialists conduct an annual comprehensive hygiene and food safety verification at each location.

The Annual Verification

  • Social distancing and public health: verifying compliance with federal and local guidelines including social distancing, proper use of PPE and more
  • Cleaning, sanitization and disinfection protocols: providing coaching and checking compliance in cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting protocols
  • Food safety essentials: reinforce and train on food safety best practices and procedures
  • Product and program verification: verify the right products and programs are in place, and that employee procedures and practices are being followed