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Takeout & Delivery Assessment


Almost 70% of consumers use some form of offsite dining at least monthly. Offsite dining comes with a new set of challenges for food service operations. EcoSure's Takeout & Delivery Assessment provides onsite teaching and coaching to drive a strong food safety and public health culture, both inside and outside of your restaurant. 

Empower Your Team
EcoSure's best-in-class Takeout & Delivery Assessment program coaches your team on industry best practices to ensure food quality and safety are delivered to your customers. 

Customer benefits:
  • Reinforce best practices at your locations
  • Mitigate food safety and public health risks
  • Increase your guest satisfaction and sales growth
  • Maintain a protected reputation

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Partnership You Can Rely On

The EcoSure Takeout & Delivery Assessment is performed by food safety and public health experts with an average of 15 years industry experience. They are motivated to coach and teach, drive behavior change and getting to the "why" behind opportunities. 

Ready to drive success with takeout & delivery? 

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Takeout & Delivery Program
Focus Areas & Best Practices

The Takeout & Delivery Program was developed by food safety & public health experts and takes special notice of the following areas: 

  • Packing and storage
  • Delivery containers and vehicles
  • Personal hygiene and hygiene standards
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Food integrity
  • Service SOPs (standard operating procedures)

Learn how EcoSure partners with you to deliver up success in your internal or 3rd party takeout & delivery efforts. Download our brochure today! 

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What's in the Tip Book?

EcoSure's Delivery Tip Book provides practical guidance and tools to help you "Drive Success with Food Delivery":

  • Delivery Growth Trends
  • Best Practices in:
    • Food Security
    • Food Quality
    • Food Safety
  • Last Mile Considerations
  • Operations Checklist