Immobile Vac Full Body Splint


Lightweight, durable immobilization system designed to fill the performance void created by conventional backboards. No additional padding is required. The mattress automatically contours to the patient's body providing comfort and reducing the pain common with backboards

Equipment Details

The unique hand and strapping system allows for quick application and easy clean up. Side squeeze adjustable buckles provide the rescuer with fast application and easy adjustment. When vacuum is applied, the mattress compresses and becomes rigid. Pull on the loose ends of the straps, and the patient is secured.

  • Rapid Fixation
  • Quick clean-up
  • User friendly valve
  • Chambered Beads
  • Removable Straps and Handles
  • Performs in a variety of conditions
  • X-Ray, CT and MRI compatible
  • 24-hour Vacuum Guarantee
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • CE Marked
Description Part Number
Arm Splint 81-A2014
Leg Splint 81-A2024
Wrist/Ankle Splint 81-A2010
Splint Set (leg/arm splints, case, pump and adapter 81-A7000
Full Body Mattress and Deluxe Extremity Splint Set (body mattress, leg, arm,
wrist/ankle splints, cases, pumps, adapters, 2 extra sets of handles)
Full Body Mattress Set includes mattress, case, pump, adapter and 2 extra sets
of handles. Also available with Sport mattress
Deluxe Extremity Splint Set (leg, arm and wrist/ankle splints, case, pump and adapter) 81-A7700
Pediatric/Universal Vacuum Mattress 81-A2044
Pediatric/Universal Mattress Set 81-A8000

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