DAZO marking gel and blacklight

DAZO® Environmental Monitoring System

Help ensure your team delivers the cleaning disinfection results you expect with Ecolab's DAZO® Environmental Monitoring and Verification System to objectively measure the thoroughness and consistency of cleaning on critical surfaces and high-touch objects in hospitals, healthcare and institutional facilities. 

Measuring Results and Delivering Outcomes

Studies have shown the environment to be a contributing factor to the spread of pathogens, and should be an area of focus in a complete infection prevention program. The CDC Toolkit: Options for Evaluating Environmental Cleaning, acknowledges the environment's role in the spread of infections, and the need to take preventative action to continuously evaluate and improve environmental cleaning to reduce associated risks.

  • In peer reviewed studies, DAZO® Fluorescent marking gel is the most widely used and accepted environmental monitoring tool (Studies available upon request)
  • DAZO® provides objective evaluation of critical cleaning outcomes
  • Real-time, online cleanliness reports help drive continuous improvement and provide compliance with current recommendationsContamination Risk and Cleaning Verification


The DAZO® Environmental Monitoring System is available as a part of 4 Ecolab programs:

Ecolab Patient Room Cleaning Solutions

Patient Room Program for Hospitals

Ecolab Operating Room Program

Operating Room Program for Hospitals

Ecolab: Surgical and OR Management

Environmental Hygiene Program for Ambulatory Surgical Centers

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Cleaning Verification Program for Institutional Facilities

DAZO Fluorescent Marking System
DAZO® Fluorescent Marking Gel

Ecolab's patented DAZO® Fluorescent Gel works with UV Flashlights to provide quick, objective measurement of cleaning thoroughness.

The App-enabled Observational Survey Tool easily tracks data and provides immediate qualitative evaluation of cleaning processes.
DAZO marking gel and blacklight report
Dashboards collect data on high-touch object cleaning, measure compliance, and pinpoint precisely where corrective action is needed to improve cleaning outcomes. These actionable insights allow managers to lead process improvements where they are needed most, standardize workflows and keep people safe.