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Evaporator Deposit Control

Evaporator deposits are usually removed by periodic cleaning-in-place and in more severe cases hydro blasting. These methods are time consuming, costly, and result in lost production. Customers can count on Nalco's Evaporator Deposit Control Program to identify and characterize deposits, design appropriate field tests and employ novel chemistries to clean and inhibit deposit formation. Nalco has a tool box complete with several inhibitors and cleaners with a proven track record of reducing costs and preserving evaporator heat transfer efficiency.

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Product Safety and Animal Feed Acceptance

Nalco has worked with FDA/CVM to ensure our deposit control chemistries are accepted for use in the ethanol industry and safe for all animal feeds. Nalco’s sales engineers can help you determine proper feed rates of product for your system. 

Nalco 8975 – Fed inline with thin stillage or light steepwater to evaporators. This deposit inhibitor is engineered to reduce fouling from calcium oxalate (beerstone) and other inorganic scales. This inhibitor works synergistically with Nalco 8978.

Nalco 8978 - Fed inline with thin stillage or light steepwater to evaporators. This deposit inhibitor is engineered to reduce fouling from Magnesium phosphate and other inorganic/organic deposit found in evaporator systems. Feeding Nalco 8978 with Nalco 8975 offers the best protection from inorganic and organic deposits.

Nalco DC76 – This product is a supplemental product that can be added to a plant’s current dilute caustic used for cleaning. Nalco DC76 improves your dilute caustics ability to remove organics like protein/zein, as well as calcium oxalate.

Nalco DC14 – This product can be used in place of sulfamic acid for boilouts. The product is not sulfur based, so it will not impact final DDGS quality if spent cleaner is disposed of through stillage systems. Nalco DC14 also performs better at dissolving and removing magnesium phosphate type scales seen in many areas of your plants (evaporators, distillation, reboilers, etc).