Exelerate CSD 15 product spray bottle.

Exelerate™ CSD 15

3-in-1 Cleaner, Sanitizer and Disinfectant Formulated Without Quats

Dry processing environments can be challenging to clean. Leveraging ready-to-use chemistry can help ensure your cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting goals are achieved on every clean, every day. 

Exelerate™ CSD 15 is formulated without quats or alcohol yet delivers superior, efficient cleaning on dry, caked-on, sticky and sugary soils to save your team time and improve overall safety in your storage and usage protocols. 

EPA-Approved RTU

Exelerate™ CSD 15 is an acid and anionic surfactant cleaner, sanitizer and disinfectant that's formulated without quats or alcohol, designed for use on hard, non-porous food contact and non-food contact surfaces in dry processing environments. 

  • 60-second food contact surface sanitization
  • Emerging Virus Pathogen (EVP) claim 
  • Kills SARS-CoV-2 in 15 seconds on hard, non-porous food and non-food contact surfaces 
  • Kills Norovirus in 30 seconds in one step with no rinse required 
  • Patented formula, made without quats or alcohol
  • No PPE required (unless using an electrostatic sprayer) 

Exelerate™ CSD 15:
Next-level cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting for controlled wet cleaning

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Promotes Quality Assurance

  • Powerful and efficient cleaning on soils such as carb and protein, sugary and sticky, or caked-on
  • Effective against SARS-CoV-2 in 15 seconds
  • Has an approved Emerging Viral Pathogen Claim 
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Convenient and Safer to Use

  • No alcohol, non-flammable formula
  • Surface sanitizer formulated without quats for use in quat-restricted industries
  • No personal protective equipment (PPE) required (unless using an electrostatic sprayer) when used according to use instructions
  • Cleans without scratching or damaging surfaces
  • Cleans to a streak-free shine 
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Saves Time and Increases Productivity

  • Fast and effective cleaning saves time, allows for maximized production
  • 3-in-1 solution, formulated without quats, for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, saving steps and labor
  • No measuring or mixing, ready to use 

Users Have Experienced:

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Reduced cleaning time by

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gallons of water saved per clean*

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Improved ATP swab results

from caution = 69 RLU (current solution status)

to passing = 10 RLU*

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minutes more production time per clean, per line*

*Each noted result is from a single cleaning trial at a food manufacturing plant. Results may vary at other locations depending on soil type, current cleaning practice and other factors.

Product Specs

  • Non-food contact surfaces
  • Food contact surfaces
  • Food conveyors (continuous treatment)
  • Outside surfaces of impermeable packages
  • Non-porous gloves and footwear
  • Non-food contact packaging equipment 

Form: liquid

Color: colorless

Odor: slight

Spec. Grav. @ 68°F (20°C) .00

Pounds per gallon .34 (3.78 Kg)

100% solution pH .28 

Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid 0.0606%
Lactic Acid .1610%
TOTAL: 00.0000%

Formula ingredients contain no phosphorus.

EPA Reg. No. 1677-259 

Clean Out of Place Tank System

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Exelerate™ CSD 15 is a powerful component of Ecolab’s comprehensive portfolio of clean out-of-place solutions for food and beverage production operations.

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