Flotation 360™
End-to-End Flotation Optimization

Flotation is at the heart of mineral processing. An optimized flotation circuit can positively impact valuable product recovery and grade. Flotation 360 is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for mineral processing plants. The program combines chemistry, technical service, and actionable advisories powered by innovative digital technology to help you maintain optimal flotation performance, and ultimately, maximize the productivity and profitability of your flotation operations.

How Flotation 360™ Works

Flotation 360 helps maximize flotation performance, recovery, and grade. 

Advanced Chemistry
Advanced frothers and collectors that maximize recovery and grade to meet your specific plant objectives and KPIs.

Technical Service and Expertise
Global network of technical consultants and labs ensure continuous service and support with local knowledge of your operational and environmental needs

Digital Innovation
Digital analytics and diagnostics to monitor chemical, operational, and mechanical performance across the flotation circuit

Predictive, Actionable Insights
Performance-based insights that can help address challenges, optimize flotation productivity, and mitigate the impact of ore changes before they occur


Optimize your circuit with the predictive capabilities of Flotation 360™


Improve performance to increase recovery and profitability 

High-grade copper finished product

Increase compliance with less product quality violations or smelter penalties due to grade

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Enhance visibility of potential impacts of future ore changes, allowing for mitigation of any challenges in advance

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Optimize reagent dosing and chemical consumption, improving the total cost of operations

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Reduce maintenance challenges such as float cell valve failures, and spend less time manually troubleshooting

Featured Chemistry



Intelligence in Action

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