Glass Batch Optimizer

Today’s glass manufacturers face more challenges than ever before. They need to increase production output and quality while improving sustainability and total cost of operation.

The Glass Batch Optimizer program is designed to:

  • Improve reaction and handling of glass dry batch raw materials 
  • Improve pile formation and, subsequently, furnace melting efficiency
  • Reduce scrap and improve glass product quality
  • Reduce maintenance and/or production slowdowns based on improved cleanliness of dry batch augers, hoppers, and chargers
  • Optimize moisture content to reduce electrical and fuel consumption
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Improve furnace refractory life 

This program has been successfully deployed in multiple furnaces with documented savings. Nalco Water dedicated chemists, engineers, and senior technical consultants provide best-in-class services. Sales and service engineers provide onsite assistance worldwide.

Glass Batch Optimizer Chart

Glass Batch Optimizer Chart

This chart shows the reduced torque needed in mixing glass dry batch with Nalco Water's program in water versus mixing with untreated water.

Video Example

This video shows the significant difference in ease of mixing and flowability of the dry batch when using Glass Batch Optimizer.