Heated Soak Tank Program

Carbonized soils are challenging to clean. With the Heated Soak Tank and KAY QSR Heated Soak Tank Concentrate for carbon and soil removal, soak away stubborn soils without labor-intensive scrubbing or harsh, caustic chemicals. The rolling 40-gallon stainless steel tank is compact, and can often fit conveniently under countertops or prep tables.
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Kay Chemical
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Kay, an Ecolab company, specializes in delivering programs and services that meet the unique food safety and sanitation requirements of the QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) and Food Retail (Supermarket and Grocery) industries.

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KAY® QSR Heated Soak Tank Concentrate

  • Aluminum Safe
  • Change every 30 days
  • No PPE*
  • No odor, no residue

Heated Soak Tank

  • Stainless steel, basket-in-tank design
  • 40 gallon tank sized to fit under counter 

Sheet pans, hood filters, pizza pans, oven racks, grill racks, amber pans and more.

Soak Time Recommendations:
Carbonized Pans ............... Up to 3 days
Soiled Pans ........................ 24 hours
Plastic Wares ..................... 1 hour

* Heat resistant gloves are recommended for handling wares
   soaked in the tank. 

Click below or call 800-529-5458 for more information.

Heated Soak Tank Program