Commercial Pest Control for Bed Bugs heat treatment

Thermal Enclosure

Often, more than a third of a bed bug infestation expense can be attributed to furniture replacement alone. Ecolab’s Thermal Enclosure, patent pending gentle heat process quickly and efficiently eliminates bed bugs. (May not be available in all countries.)

Eliminate Bed Bugs, But Save The Furniture

Ecolab’s Thermal EnclosureSM is an inflatable structure that gently heats inside to kill bed bugs in all life stages. This is an ideal solution to treat infested furniture while avoiding the expense of replacing costly items.

How It Works:

  • Expert Service Specialist loads infested items into the flexible enclosure
  • Temperature probe is placed inside the enclosure to control the heating cycle
  • Enclosure inflates and gently heats to the temperature lethal for bed bugs, but safe for infested items
  • After sufficient heating time, enclosure is cooled to room temperature
  • Ecolab Service Specialists perform thorough inspection of treated items and remove the Thermal Enclosure

The Benefits of Ecolab’s Thermal Enclosure:

  • Contains bed bug infestations to help prevent spread to adjacent areas
  • Requires minimal power usage
  • System is discreet and can be contained in the infested area
  • Gently heats and cools infested items to prevent damage
  • Independently tested and certified for product safety

Thermal Enclosure Demo

See how Ecolab’s Thermal Enclosure gently heats infested furniture and belongings, killing all life stages of bed bugs. (Equipment not available in all countries)