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Industrial Side Stream Filtration Systems

Clean cooling water towers are critical to ensuring an efficient plant. With side stream filtration, a portion of the cooling water is continuously filtered and returned to remove suspended solids from cooling tower systems.

Nalco Water's UltraSand Plus High Efficiency Filters (HEF) used in our side stream filtration systems remove more than 60% of particles in the 0.5-1.0 micron range and more than 80% of particles in the 1.0-5.0 micron range.

The ability to remove extremely fine particles is key to successful industrial cooling water filtration. The unique design of the side stream filter provides 0.5 or 0.25 micron particle removal with minimal backwash water requirements. This particle filtration level is impossible to achieve with traditional multimedia depth filters or single media surface filters.

Side Stream Filter Features

Nalco Water’s HEF side stream filtration systems feature stainless steel tanks, automated individual electric activated valve nest, electronic controller and a range of options for almost any industrial or commercial application. Multiple units can be configured in parallel to accommodate flow rates up to 800 gallons per minute. The system has a flow rate of 12 gpm to 140 gpm per tank with multiple unit systems up to 800 gpm.

This water filtration solution is specifically designed to avoid the negative fouling impact of heat transfer. These filters are available as a part of an integrated solution to help improve your operation and lower your total cost of ownership:

  • Increase unit output
  • Improve heat transfer efficiency
  • Lower total system operating costs
  • Maximize equipment reliability
  • Minimize downtime, maintenance, and cleaning costs
  • Optimize treatment cost and performance

Nalco Water offers onsite preventive maintenance to monitor and maintain these units and reduce the workload of your team.

Water Filtration and RO Membrane Services

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