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Lubodrive™ Pro Series Conveyor Lubricant

NSF H1 approved wet lubricant for dairy, beverage and brewing.

Lubodrive™ Pro is a versatile, food-grade wet lubricant for use on all conveyor surface types and package formats. It is formulated to manage water hardness as high as 17gpg with minimal impact to most wastewater systems.

With Lubodrive™ Pro, you can simplify your processes and improve your wet lubricant performance while enhancing food safety, sustainability and plant efficiency.

Lubodrive™ Pro: Supporting Food Safety, Sustainability and Plant Efficiency

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Helps Improve Food Safety and Sustainability

  • Enhances food safety: NSF H1 certified food-grade conveyor lubricant, approved for use in food-processing environments where there is the possibility of incidental food contact
  • No impact on most wastewater systems: Anaerobic toxicity testing at 8x the estimated wastewater concentration shows no impact
  • Hard water tolerant: Up to 17gpg without the need to adjust concentration means no need to soften water
  • For use with recycled packaging: Passed the ISBT test method for PET compatibility
Dairy Manufacturing Plant with bottles of milk on a conveyor. Reaching water reduction potential.

Enhances Plant Efficiency

  • Improves line conditions: Formulation provides cleaning of conveyors lines while running, enhancing line hygiene and reducing package soiling
  • For use on multiple surfaces: Compatibility with all conveyor surface and package types mean fewer lubricants in the plant and no additional time spent switching out chemistry
  • Easy conversion from other wet lubricants: Works in similar concentration range to existing wet lubricants and offers a low foaming profile
  • Flexible pack sizes: Available in drum, tote or bulk

Compliant and Effective on Multiple Surfaces

Lubodrive™ Pro wet conveyor lubricant is approved for:

All Package Types:

  • PET
  • PC jugs
  • Glass
  • Cans
  • TP

All Conveyor Surface Types:

  • Plastic 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Can transfers 
  • In-floor chains 
  • Mixed belts 
Beverage Conveyor

DryExx™ Dry Conveyor Lubrication

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  • Tested for PET compatibility using a standardized ISBT test method for use with recycled packaging.