RO Performance Services

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) system in a plant operation can have a significant impact on water quality and quantity. In fact, it has the potential to support increased production and decreased water discharge levels. Our comprehensive RO Performance Services program brings together industry expertise, process control, real-time data and onsite service.

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It includes:

A team of experts including water specialists who troubleshoot unique system issues, service technicians who inspect RO systems, and research scientists who identify opportunities for reducing water and energy while maintaining target production levels.

3D TRASAR™ Membrane Technology detects problems in real-time before they affect your operation; determines and executes a proper response so chemistry is automatically fed at the precise amount needed; and delivers water and energy savings, reduced operational costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

Continuous 24/7 monitoring by a remote team of experts who analyze data and provide system recommendations, such as the optimal time to clean membranes in order to avoid shutdown and protect assets.

Routine service visits to ensure your system is running properly.