Nalco IronGUARD™ Technology and Services

The need to make better use of the waste generated at the hot mill has led us to develop the IronGUARD program. It employs a unique and patented new polymer that prevents the oil from adhering to the mill scale. This will keep the oil content to less than 1%. This would allow you to recycle the mill scale back to the steelmaking process via the sinter plant or blast furnace. Or you can sell the high iron-bearing material to others that can use the clean scale in their process. In either case, you eliminate the costly disposal and transportation fees.
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Recycling Mill waste

Recycling and reusing mill waste most often involves investment. Nalco is committed to helping you minimize the risk of this investment by providing value-added solutions to your water management needs. Our goal is to provide solutions that enhance your competitive position, improve your profitability and maximize the return on your investment (ROI).