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Oxy-Pak™ 34 Aseptic-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Ensure peak performance in your aseptic packaging operation.

Oxy-Pak™ 34 is an aseptic-grade hydrogen peroxide that can be used for both spray and bath applications in dairy and beverage filling operations. It achieves excellent sterilant outcomes with longer production runs, and it's just one part of Ecolab's full portfolio for aseptic packaging operations.

In addition to Oxy-Pak™ 34, Ecolab offers unparalleled expertise and a comprehensive set of solutions that help increase food safety and product quality, enhance sustainability and boost operational efficiency.

Oxy-Pak™ 34 Benefits

  • Effective as a sterilant when used per label direction*
  • Longer production runs and less downtime with improved product stability and low-residue formulation
  • Fewer regulatory compliance requirements compared to 35% H2O
  • Sustainable solution: Product decomposes into water and oxygen and has low phosphate content

Aseptic Processing Solutions for Spray and Bath Applications

EPA-registered aseptic-grade Oxy-Pak™ 34 is suitable for aseptic fillers designed for 32%-35% hydrogen peroxide.

Oxy-Pak™ 34 Bath and Oxy-Pak™ 34S Bath

Designed for applications using a bath or dip mechanism for sterilizing packaging. Offerings include a product for filling/packaging systems that run at lower temperatures and a product that helps improve performance on equipment that runs at higher temperatures and speeds.

Oxy-Pak™ 34 Spray

High-performance product designed specifically for spray applications. Low-residue formulation meets low residue requirement for vaporized hydrogen peroxide filler applications and helps prevents buildup on spray nozzles.

Overcoming Aseptic Filling Challenges

There can be many challenges during the aseptic filling process for dairy and beverage plants that result in extended/prolonged downtime, inconsistent sterilization and product stability concerns.

Aseptic Filling Challenge Oxy-Pak™ 34 Solution
  • Spray nozzle clogging and high temperature/ high speed stability issues.
  • Time-consuming DHS paperwork, training and storage complications resulting in regulatory audits.
  • Maintaining consistent levels of packaging sterilization in fillers or baths.
  • Minimizing environmental impact.
  • Oxy-Pak™ 34 has enhanced product stability and a new low-residue formulation.
  • Oxy-Pak™ 34 mitigates the need for many DHS documentation and reporting requirements.
  • Oxy-Pak™ 34 is formulated with an improved stabilizer, helping prevent fouling and degradation of the peroxide which can have a measurable impact on food safety and product quality.
  • Oxy-Pak™ 34 decomposes into water and oxygen and has a low phosphate content.
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Not Considered a Chemical of Interest

Oxy-Pak™ 34 is not considered a Chemical of Interest (COI) by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Thus, when using this product instead of a 35% H2O2 product, you are no longer required to complete certain DHS compliance steps associated with using a COI such as detailed use records, security plans and employee background checks, storing product in a locked area with restricted access, etc.

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*EPA Reg. No. 68660-15-1677