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PolyVantage Laundry Detergent

Dramatically reduce oil stains on linens and uniforms with PolyVantage, our low-temperature, low-alkaline laundry detergent. This linen laundry detergent is specially formulated for washing spun polyester—the most common material in food and beverage laundry.

Innovative Detergent and Surfactant Technology

Ecolab PolyVantage detergent has a patent-pending surfactant technology that attracts oils on the surface of linen. This low-temperature detergent lifts stains at low temperatures (down to 145°F/63°C), while preventing oil from redepositing on the fabric. More effective than NPEs, PolyVantage’s sustainable ingredients enhance performance while achieving operational savings.

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Vegetable Oils

The ban of trans fats has ushered in the use of natural, unsaturated liquid vegetable oils, which are more difficult to clean from fabric.

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When it comes to food and beverage uniforms, spun polyester is the fabric of choice. This material dislikes the high temps of traditional food processing laundry cycles, making disinfection a challenge.

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Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) have been phased out of laundry detergents. The new chemistries need to be safer for people and the environment, and outperform the old technology.

Outcomes that Matter

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Reduce stain rate
by up to


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Decrease alkali use
on average by


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Cut water use
on average by


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Lower energy use
on average by


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Case Study of PolyVantage

Low-Alkaline Laundry Detergent

A large commercial laundry operation was receiving complaints from a food and beverage customer: There were persistent oil stains on their spun polyester napkins. Ecolab stepped in to help with PolyVantage detergent, which dramatically reduced the oil stains, while also decreasing water use and operational costs.

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Revolutionize Water Management in Commercial Laundries

By leveraging innovative science, digital technology and extensive industry knowledge, Ecolab solutions empower commercial laundries to optimize water usage through all aspects of operations—from pre-treatment through wash processes and post-treatment. Focus on what you do best while we take care of your water management needs.

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Contact Us About PolyVantage Low-Alkaline, Low Temp Detergent

  • Patent-pending surfactant technology
    PolyVantage is an advanced chemistry that is drawn to oils on the surface of linen at low temperatures of 145°F (63°C)
  • More effective than NPEs
    Sustainable ingredients enhance performance without compromising environmental impact
  • Innovative chemistry improves soil suspension
    PolyVantage reduces the ability for oil to redeposit on linen surfaces

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