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Precision Dispensing System for Membranes

Precision Dispensing System for Membranes is a flow-based dispensing system that accurately and safely dispenses chemistry and provides visibility into chemical consumption for membrane systems.

This system is part of our comprehensive Ultrasil™ Membrane Program and is built to deliver precise amounts of the right chemistries to your membranes. This technology replaces your existing buckets, stepladders and guesswork with the benefits of automated precision.

Precision Dispensing System for Membranes Overview

Learn how the Precision Dispensing System helps to improve worker safety, protect membrane life, reduce operating costs and drive productivity.


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Improve Worker Safety

Automated dispensing and separate delivery paths for each membrane system.

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Protect Membrane Life and Maintain Consistent Results

Accurately (+/- 20ml) and consistently dispenses chemistry.

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Reduce Operating Costs and Drive Productivity

Integrated, flow-based system with the ability to dispense to up to 5 membrane systems and simultaneously to 3 membrane systems.

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Gain Actionable Insights

Consumption reporting provides chemical usage for each membrane system connected to the dispenser. Additional features include real-time alarm systems, pre-configured washes, and more.

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