OptiPro™ Gel
Instrument Pre-Cleaner

Ecolab’s ready-to-use surgical pre-cleaner that helps remove heavy soils from surgical instruments, maintains moisture during transport, and protects valuable instruments. 

Proper pretreatment increases instrument reprocessing efficiency, helping to reduce instrument damage and improve instrument turnaround time.

Product Details

Strong Performance:

  • Advanced gel technology clings to heavy soils and keeps them from drying on instruments
  • Dissolves blood and fat, making removal from instruments fast and effective
  • Neutral pH allows for safe use with most instrumentation material
  • Fragrance-free formula provides better staff acceptance

Superior Technology:

  • Blue color makes it easy to ensure uniform coverage of instruments
  • Gel form avoids splashing of liquid during transport
  • Ready-to-use, convenient and portable for OR application
  • Non-aerosol pressurized Bag-on-Valve container uses inert compressed air to dispense product*

Sustainable Advantage:

  • Phosphate-free formula to help reduce environmental impact

*No propellant mixes with product

Product Size Part Number

Trigger Spray: 12-32 oz


Bag-on-Valve: 6-13.7 oz.


Ecolab Instrument PreCleaner

Instrument Pre-Cleaner

Ecolab Instrument Pre-Cleaner is neutral pH, is non-corrosive and is fragrance-free. Product is not for use as a medical instrument sterilant or high-level disinfectant and is phosphate free.

Ecolab Instrument Reprocessing Room

Central Sterile Program

Surgical Site Infection Prevention

The Ecolab Central Sterile Program takes a comprehensive approach to the sterilization of surgical instruments, helping to monitor and standardize processes to drive measurable improvements in your hospital.