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Laundry Program

Ecolab ProTEX Plus is a wash program that’s tailored to the unique needs of food and beverage commercial laundries, and mixed segment commercial laundry facilities. This customizable program helps you improve efficiency and lower cost and water use across your operation, while delivering high-quality wash results.

Why Choose ProTEX PLUS for Your Commercial Laundry Process? 

  • Optimization
    Ecolab tailors ProTEX PLUS to the unique needs of your business, and helps you find opportunities to save water, energy, time and money. Using our latest innovations in enzymes and surfactants, we offer the most efficient wash program in the industry.
  • Reduced Cost of Operations
    Our innovative chemistry delivers excellent wash results while using less water, energy and time to complete each wash cycle. Over time, this creates significant savings.
  • Efficiency
    Decreasing wash cycle duration and temperature makes it possible to wash more linens in less time.
  • Linens Last Longer
    When you use minimal alkali and lower wash temperatures, you can increase linen longevity. This also helps maintain linen colors, for greater customer satisfaction.
  • Sustainability
    Along with reducing energy and water use, ProTEX PLUS minimizes the impact on wastewater and cuts overall alkali consumption. Reducing alkali positively impacts your wastewater, which helps prevent effluent pH swings and costly surcharges. Our commercial laundry chemicals don’t contain NPEs and phosphates, which can harm the environment.
  • Proven Results
    Ecolab tracks results to help you manage costs and prove the savings of your wash program.

ProTEX PLUS Delivers Measurable Results

Reduce water use by an average of
Image description

Increase capacity by up to

Image description

Lower energy use on average by
Energy-saving icon

Extend linen life* by up to

Image description

Decrease alkali use by up to
Image description

Reduce sulfuric acid by up to

Image description

* Linen life study in lab results. Specific results may vary.

**Sulfuric acid reduction based on your effluent pH control requirements. 

Case Study of ProTEX PLUS

Learn how a large food and beverage commercial laundry facility used ProTEX PLUS to reduce their water use by 32%, and cut cycle run time by 14%.

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