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Restora Medical Adhesive Remover

Restora™ Medical Adhesive Remover

Say goodbye to the stickiest, costliest problem in healthcare laundry. Say hello to Restora™.

Restora™, a laundry program for the healthcare industry that utilizes a patent-pending formula to enable adhesive removal from linen during the wash process. Restora makes it possible to reclaim linen that would have previously been discarded due to adhesive stains, helping to extend linen life and reduce replacement costs. Tests have shown that use of the program can help healthcare facilities reclaim up to 99 percent of adhesive-stained linen.*


  • Increased removal of medical tape, heart monitor pads and other healthcare adhesives -regardless of fabric type
  • Drastically reduces linen replacement costs due to adhesives
  • Eliminates the need for multiple rewashes which cuts utility and labor costs
  • Replaces the need for detergent and solvent in a reclaim process
  • Next generation of sustainable, solvenated detergent for healthcare laundry; NPE- , Phos- , VOC-free, and aromatic hydrocarbon-free