Stone Care

Stone and ceramic floors are icons of strength. That’s why you need the right cleaning solutions to showcase their magnificence. Ecolab’s stone care products will bring out the natural beauty of your stone floor with cleaners, polishes and conditioners  that remove stubborn stains while also protecting them. 

Stone Surfaces Need Special Care And Attention

  • Stubborn stains can easily destroy the beauty of stone floors
  • Nurturing the natural ambiance of stone can be time-consuming
  • Stone is a significant investment that requires careful attention
  • Without care, time is an enemy for marble, terrazzo and limestone

Leverage The Beauty Of Your Stone Floors

  • Proven cleaners, polishes and conditioners remove stubborn stains while protecting the stone
  • Having regular, easy-to-follow maintenance programs that fit the specific stone’s surface needs will keep it looking good for longer
  • The right products will bring out the natural beauty of your stone floor

Maintain Your Investment 
With the right training

Ecolab’s experts deliver the best in stone care training.

In a two-day stone care class offering a comprehensive approach to natural floor maintenance. Get hands-on experience identifying problem areas and how to fix them. While learning all about our stone care products. Contact your Ecolab sales and service associate for more information.

Stone Care Products

Single large refillable jug of pinnacle intensive tile cleaner made by Ecolab.

Pinnacle Intensive Tile Cleaner

Pinnacle Intensive Tile Cleaner is an extremely effective alkaline cleaner that removes deeply embedded soil, grease and oil from all ceramic surfaces without harming grout lines.

Pinnacle Granite Polish Cream

Extremely effective as either a maintenance product for re-polishing worn traffic patterns on granite floors or as a last step in the granite refinishing process.

Pinnacle Grout Line Impregnator

Ideal for repelling moisture and protecting grout lines from oil, grease and soil. Impregnator absorbs into the pores and does not change the appearance of the tile.