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Stored Product Pest Control

If beetles, weevils, moths, or other insects start feeding and breeding in your stored product supply, the impact can be huge. You face extensive product loss, costly production downtime, and audit score deductions. Your brand reputation can take a hit, too.

Ecolab’s stored product pest control service drives down current pest activity and prevents future infestations. We’ll help you resolve even the toughest pest challenges, so you can keep your business up and running.

The Ecolab Solution to Stored Product Pest Elimination

Whether your facility handles baked goods, pasta, cereal, pet food, powdered milk, or other dry goods, stored product pests are always a threat.

Challenge: There are over 60 species of stored product pests in the U.S. alone.

Solution: Ecolab has board-certified entomologists (insect scientists) who support your Service Specialist in identifying pests and creating an action plan. We have decades of experience controlling every kind of stored product pest. So, no matter what kind of insects you have, our expert team will know how to deal with them.


Challenge: When pests reach a certain threshold, the only option is to stop production and fumigate.

Solution: If emergency fumigation is what you need, Ecolab is here for you. But our science- and data-driven prevention strategies help you head off pest issues before they require urgent attention.

When you partner with Ecolab, you’re not just hiring a service technician. You’re gaining an entire team of pest elimination experts. Rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to reduce your pest risks.


Ecolab Pest Expert Stored Food Solution

Your Staff’s Role in Proactive Pest Management

Share this pest fact sheet with your staff, so they can help identify any stored product pests in your facility. Truly integrated pest management is a partnership that requires action from both Ecolab and your staff.

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Fumigation Services

Routine, scheduled fumigations are often part of an overall stored product pest control strategy. If you need emergency fumigation to eliminate an infestation, we can handle that, too.

Stored Product Pests Have No Place in Your Facility

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