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SuperWash™ Brown Stock Washing

SuperWash technology provides brown stock washing efficiency for pulp and paper foam control and to improve pulp drainage. Custom formulated for individual customer needs, SuperWash’s silicone concentrate chemistries yield higher quality pulp and reduce mill operating costs. Along with custom formulation, we conduct a detailed discovery of your brown stock washing needs, validate those needs through technical system audits, and document KPIs to ensure we’re delivering superior pulp drainage and foam control.

More Information About Foam Control and Pulp Drainage

SuperWash technology is designed to improve brown stock washing. It does this through superior foam control and by acting as a pulp drainage aid. As a result, spent black liquor is more efficiently removed from the fiber and can be more effectively recovered.

Success Stories

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To improve pulp quality and operations, a European Softwood Pulp mill implemented SuperWash. The brown stock washing technology improved pulp drainage and delivered €2.5M/year in savings. 

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A leading European softwood kraft pulp mill had brown stock washing and digester scale issues. SuperWash provided superior pulp drainage, foam control and $3.3M in annual savings.